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This week: Ground zero and Christ, homeschool blind spots, Pat Robertson’s lack of understanding of the gospel, and a good one on fathers and sons.

Ground Zero & the American Dream (by Makoto Fujimura, Curator)

“Ground Zero,” in Christ, can also mean a cancellation point, a new beginning where we can stand on the ashes of the Wasteland we see and still seek renewal and “genesis moments.”

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Homeschool Blindspots (by Reb Bradley via Joshua Harris’ Blog)

When I picked him up the second night of work, he got in the car with a big smile on his face and said "They like me!" As I dwelt on that comment, it suddenly came clear to me – my son had finally met someone who liked him for who he was. Few others in his entire life had shown him much acceptance, especially not his mother and I. It is no exaggeration – in our efforts to shape and improve him, all we did was find fault with everything he did.

Christ, the Church, and Pat Robertson (by Russell Moore)

A woman or a man with Alzheimer’s can’t do anything for you. There’s no romance, no sex, no partnership, not even companionship. That’s just the point. Because marriage is a Christ/church icon, a man loves his wife as his own flesh. He cannot sever her off from him simply because she isn’t “useful” anymore.

Fathers, Sons, and Fair Market Value (by David Browder, Mockingbird)

These two outlooks are on totally different planes. Who has the most rest? Who can actually play a game and enjoy it for what it is rather than having to increase their fair market value? Most of all, which one gives birth to a love that will be there long after the last pass is thrown?

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Winter is for Lingering (Curator)

As my mother might say, “winter is for sipping and savoring, for taking life slow and learning to enjoy the simple things.” Thus, over time, winter has become, for me,  a time of learning to be patient, a time of resting and waiting with expectancy while also taking joy in the moments at hand.

Keith Jarrett: Save Your soul. Turn Off Your Gadget (Fast Company)

When you are so lucky as to witness something beautiful — whether it’s Keith Jarrett at the piano or a homeless subway performer who finds happiness in singing just as passionately when the platform is empty as when it’s full–resist the temptation to whip out your gadget. Enjoy this rare sliver of time called now. It will be gone before you know it.

Broken Wheels in Need of Fixing (Curator)

But even with the myriad NGOs working against human trafficking, it is an uphill battle. Their work is vital and thousands of lives have been restored, but the problem of trafficking remains. It is currently the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world.

Don’t Should All Over Yourself (Art of Manliness)

When you do things simply to please others or gain their approval, when you act purely from a sense of guilt, you give up a bit of your personal power. And you head down a path that invariably leads to feelings of  resentment, anger, and depression.

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