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It’s slim pickings over the next 2 months in terms of DVD releases. There were 2 that my wife and I have seen. Any other release between August and September out there, I haven’t seen it or most likely just thought it wasn’t worth seeing.

Date Night (Aug 10)

Sam and I saw this movie and definitely enjoyed it. However, the near the end scene with the DA is rather raunchy and lewd and make this one a hard movie to recommend. Once Steve Carell’s (Michael Scott of The Office) character makes his hilarious and unforgettable statement to Mark Wahlberg, you can pretty much fast forward to the end. That statement is also one of the only swear words in the movie but it’s very aptly placed.  The movie tries to make a stab at why marriages dissipate and tends to focus on the element of risk and change. However, the movie indirectly points truly at why risk and change bring about better unity in marriage: centering on a purpose that is transcendent beyond your family. That is the key. Is my family just living for each other? Or are we unifying upon a mission to glorify Jesus in a specific way and see Him made known? Fast forward through the first scene with Wahlberg, as well as the scene where Carell begins to pose as his wife’s pimp.

UPDATE: Robin Hood (Sept 21)

I posted my intial thoughts here. My wife and I really enjoyed this movie and were pleasantly surprised by it, especially considering the skewering it took from critics and even some of my friends. I loved the father-son themes, the parallels with 2 Kings/Rehoboam with King John, and William Hurt as Marshall. I highly recommend this movie. Be forewarned: it’s definitely violent in the style of Gladiator though not as gory and there is some PG-13 crudeness among Robin’s buddies. I’ll definitely be excited to watch this movie again though.

Iron Man 2 (Sept 28)

I wrote my thoughts here and here. I definitely think this movie coupled with the first Iron Man is worth watching simply for how the gospel is readily displayed: sleazy rich guy gets taken captive through what he created, is freed to a new life by a righteous sacrifice, gets a new heart, and then works out the changing of his life. Then, in part 2, old habits of the flesh die hard, consequences of the past come into play, friends have to bring reproof and even temporary exile to bring about conviction of sin, and finally, a renewed heart is given through a renewed understanding of the love of his father. Then, friendship is restored and a victory over evil is secured. The endings of both 1 and 2 are predictable but it’s the how and who that make them powerful if you look at them through gospel lenses.

UPDATE: Prince of Persia on DVD comes out on September 14. I have not seen this but have had it recommended to me by multiple people. It looks like a classic cheesy yet clean action film of good guys versus bad guys from Disney. I’ll update this post if and when my wife and I get to see it.

This will become a regular post on my blog, look for it every 2-3 months as I try to give a heads up on new movies out on DVD. If I miss a movie or if you disagree with a recommendation, please post a comment!

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