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This week: Is Hitchens right that eternity is unbearable? Some thoughts on being a complementarian, and what it means to know and be known by a well-known blogger and now pastor.

Chris Hitchens

Future Imperfect: Will Heaven Be Intolerable? (by Barry Cooper)

…Hitchens allows himself a small loophole – “Anything eternal is probably intolerable” – and I think he’s right to do so.

Is it possible that eternal things seem intolerable to us because in this world nothing is? Might we lack a reasonable sense of what eternity will be like because we’ve never experienced anything that comes close? We tend to think of a single day endlessly multiplied, and soon, our mental picture of heaven resembles one of those imaginary prisons conjured up by Piranesi when he was feeling a bit peaky. Even a good party, as Hitchens rightly notes, becomes insufferable as soon as it becomes inescapable.

Confessions of a Conflicted Complementarian (by Wendy Alsup)

After I had kids, I looked around at the godly women in my life. So few looked like my earlier naive notions of the good Christian woman. Were their life circumstances mistakes? Were they doomed to substandard application of Biblical instructions to women because of the way their life had turned out?

“Dora the Doormat” and other Scary Straw Women of Complementarity (by Mary Kassian)

Recently, someone in the twitter world called me an “uber-complementarian.” They threw out the term “complementarian” derogatorily, like an ugly handful of mud – akin to calling someone a “racist,” “fascist,” “sexist,” or something scary like that. I had to smile, since I remember sitting around a table with John Piper and Wayne Grudem and others, wracking our brains to come up with an apt label to describe the historic Christian teaching on gender. Oh how quickly labels turn into stereotypes!

To Know and To Be Known (by Tim Challies)

What if all the blog readers are impressed but my wife is entirely unimpressed? There are many pastors who are loved all around the world but who have earned very little respect in their own church. There are many men who are admired far and wide but whose wife and children struggle to find any reason to respect them.

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