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We’ve had a garden for 2 summers now. It’s been a privilege and a blessing, I know not everyone has the space or yard to do it. But I’ve been surprised at what a blessing building a garden truly has been. One of my favorite things to do is walk through it either when getting home from work or when our kids are in bed. I get to see growth each day, see where plants are struggling, and see foreshadowing of the fruit to come. There’s a part I can’t even explain, but it’s been encouraging in my relationship with Jesus.

The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. (Genesis 2:15 ESV)



There’s one word that I could use to describe my time (and my wife would agree) in our garden: refreshing. Maybe it’s the piece of wild nature vs. the boring and tame grass lawn. Maybe it’s the patience that is grown in you as you wait and watch. Maybe it’s the promise of reward in the fruit to come.

We’re growing carrots, 2 kinds of lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, 4 kinds of pumpkins, squash, cucumber, and cantaloupe. I’m not a big vegetable eater (I should be) but I love everything we grow. There’s a big difference between what comes out of your own garden versus store-bought. Don’t hear me as one of those extreme organic foodies, though I can appreciate the conviction, my family has to be budget conscious and we’re not opposed to Wal-Mart (though we do not prefer their produce which can be pretty putrid).

I love watching my kids eat fresh lettuce and green beans straight out of the garden to their mouths. They love helping with, and being in our garden as well. I love seeing their amazement at the growth and just the smallest signs of fruit.


Do you understand photosynthesis? Especially the whole making-trees-and-leaves-and-fruit-out-of-thin-air part? Go blow on that bush. You can’t see it, but the bush will turn your breath into raspberry juice. We could improve on the name. Photosynthesis. I’ve suggested Green Magyk, but no one listens to me. – N.D. Wilson, Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl

My kids’ perspective has been teaching me to wonder more as well. Having a garden reinforces just how amazing God is and how ridiculous the concept of evolution is. Seriously, how can something start as this:

and grow to this (and not be done yet):


Don’t give me Occam’s Razor or some argument about photosynthesis and random mutation. Please. Build a garden and watch it grow and try to not be amazed by it all.

Gardening reinforces that God does the growth but also that He can just as soon end it.


A couple of weeks we had a crazy hail storm that lasted for about 5 minutes with golf-ball sized hail. Thankfully, we had just set up tarps to cover our plants only a few days earlier! However, the hail was intense and there were two plants that did not get adequately covered – a pumpkin plant and a cherry tomato that already had a few growing on it. The pumpkin plant in particular had only 2 leaves (out of 20-30) remaining undamaged. It was practically flattened! I wish I had a picture to show you just how crushed it was. My wife and I thought that there was no way the pumpkin plant would survive.

Today it is fully recovered, has plenty of buds, and you could not even tell unless you looked closely that it was hurt. That’s amazing. The cherry tomato plant is struggling on one side but is still growing despite now getting mugged by slugs (beer to the rescue)! Seeing the resilience of a few plants is convicting and encouraging.

There’s hail, tornadoes, frost, heat waves, bugs, darkness and death, but that’s never the full picture of this world that God has made. There is beauty, resilience, yummy fruit, massive thriving pumpkins, grace after the hail, reward from hard work, and it all whispers His name. I’m thinking that’s where the refreshment of my garden ultimately comes from.

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