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I have had my Kindle for over 4 months now and I love it. I have a number of friends that now have a Kindle or are wrestling with getting one so I wanted follow up on my initial post. Four months later, what are my favorite things about the Kindle?

Free or Cheap Books

I can almost guarantee that I would not have read Dracula had I not downloaded it for free.  I probably would not have read Baxter’s The Cure for Melancholy either had I not found it for 99 cents. Wodehouse, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, and Augustine are all on my reading list for 2011.

Insane battery Life

The battery life for the Kindle is as good as advertised. I keep the Wi-Fi turned off unless I am looking up a book or syncing my current reading places and highlights and it feels like I go weeks without charging it. I use it all the time and yet I probably charge it once every 3 weeks with the battery still close to 20%. It is such a huge plus to this device.

Fresh Way to read the Bible

I still read to my kids out of my ESV Study Bible but reading the study Bible on my Kindle has given me another way to freshen things up. It also gives me access to the full study Bible anywhere I am without lugging it around.



I still use ReaditLater because I have such a large database of links there and I use Digest periodically but Instapaper is smoother when it comes to exporting articles to the Kindle. I can read or scan 40-60 articles a week utilizing this feature.

Retaining on Kindle vs Paper Books

Yes, reading on the Kindle is a little different and yes, it is super easy to rely on the convenience. Am I retaining books as well digitally? Ultimately what helps me the most with that are 2 things:

  1. Discuss, process, and share what I am reading with others.
  2. Write about what I am reading (blog!).

Yes, it is more difficult to scan a book and get the big picture via an e-reader and you don’t have page memory of physical book but what always affected my retention the most even with a physical book is those 2 applications above.

Kindle for PC and kindle.amazon.com

I love having access to my highlights and notes online and how my place marks sync between whatever devices I am using.

Paper vs Digital? Jury is Still Out

There is room for both. I’ve read 7 full books on the Kindle since mid-September. Nearly all of those (Preaching Christ in All Scripture, Dracula, Linchpin, Sexual Detox, Cure of Melancholy, Case for Christian Classical Education) I would not have read otherwise or delayed reading them because of the print cost.

This year I have a goal of reading over 40 books again and I already own 28 of those books, 11 for the Kindle and 17 in classic book form. The rest of the books on my list I will likely purchase in Kindle format or utilize our local library.

Right now, if my Kindle were taken away, these are the things I would miss the most:

1. Instapaper: I hate reading on the computer now if I don’t have to.

2. Digital ESV Study Bible: The convenience of having my study Bible with me in a very readable format (as opposed to reading the Bible on my Treo) is very nice.

3. Free and cheap books: Having easy access to the free classics and extremely cheap older books by the Puritans and others is great.

The publishing reality is definitely changing and the Kindle is such a cool device, but you still cannot beat a physical book. Not yet.

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