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My wife and I saw “Get Low” this past week, the new movie with Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, Lucas Black, and Sissy Spacek. From Duvall’s acting to the Gospel themes, it’s definitely worth watching.

Robert Duvall

He is one of only a few that could play this role! I’m not kidding! In “Get Low,” Duvall’s character, Felix, has to be believable from the very beginning of this movie. There is no time to fully develop him and he is such a unique character that you have to believe it right away. I did. Duvall is so genuine and has such gravitas that Felix comes alive and you buy him right away. Then, bit by bit, his past and background slowly come to light.

Bill Murray

My wife had trouble getting his character, but I love Murray in this film. He plays such a tension between slimy businessman and genuine care for people around him that his character, Frank, was very real to me. He was not a typecast or surface level but had complexity. You can see this in one situation where he seems to be fighting to take care of his business and Buddy as well as hedging his bets by seemingly covering his own rear. I loved it. The tension in his character is fantastic.

Lucas Black

Black as Buddy was a revelation to me. He could have easily been the surface level stereotype nice guy but he was much more than that. His sincere love and unselfishness towards Felix coupled with his fighting to provide for his sweet fiery wife was very subdued and not overacted. I found myself rooting for Buddy more than any other character; he’s just so genuinely winsome.


As Russell Moore says in his post on this movie, this movie has lot of the Gospel but not all of it. There is such a bitter sweetness to this film that kept growing on me the more I mulled it over after seeing it. The ending was uplifting but not enough. I wanted more out of the redemption. However, the pieces were all there throughout the movie. The 2 preacher/pastors in the film were very well portrayed and they communicated solid Biblical truth in nearly all of what they said. Their characters and words just added to the tension of what would ultimately come of Felix and if he would come clean with his story.

I would certainly recommend this movie. The characters pull you in and the tension in the story leading up to the end is great. You likely will have to wait until the DVD comes out as even the current showings seem to be limited and only in a few theaters. We saw the movie at the local Lyric Cinema Café in Fort Collins. The Lyric Cinema is a small, intimate setting with old school ambiance, rickety seats, and what seemed to be very loyal film buffs. It was a different experience that’s for sure but I think I’d go back. Sure my wife’s back hurt afterwards and the movie started 15 minutes late but, hey, at what other theater can you get a beer for half of what a soda costs at the corporate theater?

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