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It’s slim pickings for new release DVDs over the summer. As always, if there’s a movie release I missed, I likely felt it not worth seeing…

Rango (July 15)

An 88% on the Tomatometer? Seriously? I thought this was a supremely boring movie. I kept expecting it go somewhere and then it ended. I was embarrassed that I wasted an evening with my wife watching this. I’m still not sure what the point of the movie was. It may sound good – high ratings, clean, animated, Johnny Depp voicing Rango, but don’t be fooled. Don’t rent this film unless you’re struggling with insomnia.

Source Code (July 26)

Now this movie pleasantly surprised me. I almost wrote an entire blog on it but it’s too difficult to do without giving away the entire movie. Jake G and Monaghan are solid with really good chemistry and the story just worked for me. People seem mixed on the ending but I liked it. I think it betrays just how much we want a happy ending and to know that death is not the end. We don’t think about death very much but we’re very afraid of it when we do. This film exposes all of that.

Rio also comes out on August 2 and it looks like a decent fun kids movie but we have not seen it yet.

Are there any films that I missed that are worth watching (July – August releases)? Leave a comment!

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