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This week: the Muslim world’s resistance to the gospel, women and porn, knowing the Bible (not merely defending it), and the usual fantastic sarcasm from Doug Wilson on some freedom of speech issues.

Why is the Muslim World so Resistant to the Gospel? (by Al Mohler)

In the mind of many Muslims, the Crusades are what feels like a living memory. To many within the Islamic world, Christians remain Crusaders, and evangelism is just another way of continuing the crusading mission.

Freedom (by Ali C.)

I was addicted to pornography for over eight years.
I’ll give you a moment to get over your shock, to say to yourself, But isn’t she a girl? Girl’s don’t struggle with that! Trust me; it’s nothing I haven’t heard before, and it’s part of the reason it’s often so hard to tell people. When a man confesses to a struggle with pornography, it’s par for the course and you move on. But women are a whole different story, and I’ve been met with reactions ranging from the incredulous to the downright horrified.

Don’t Merely Defend the Bible. Know What’s in it. (by Mike Conroy)

Paul was not embarrassed because he was vindicated before God in the heavenly places since God united him to Christ and His death and resurrection through the Gospel. Will we be embarrassed when we explain to people what the Bible teaches and what we believe? Of course. But woe to us if we are looking for arguments that take the offense out of the Gospel. Woe to us if we are in search of arguments in order to impress the wisdom of the world. Woe to us if we look for arguments so that we don’t look like fools for giving the Gospel to the people around us. Once we go down that road we are already starting to bow down and worship the very thing that we claim to be trying to help the unbelievers we know and love turn from.

In Burkas in No Time (by Douglas Wilson)

nobody says about the rioters in Afghanistan that they should chill, because we have lots of unstable pastors over here, and if they don’t stop beheading people over there, we might have some more Koran burnings over here. No, that’s not the direction we push.


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