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I think it’s obvious and becoming even more obvious by the day. Is there really a more ridiculous idea than evolution? Random mutation + time + chance = we’re here! Let’s roll the dice with some mud and produce some lions! How much time do we have? 4.5 million years? Oh wait, that’s too short. How about 4.5 billion years? That sounds about right.

This clip is merely a tidbit of how absurd evolution is and it’s actually one part of a DVD that includes 6 videos about the problems of evolution.

I’m not trying to say I have all the answers but what more do you need? This hit me about 2-3 years ago in some discussions over evolution and looking at various arguments as to how evolution could produce the human brain or eye. The arguments revealed the gist of humanistic evolution: natural selection is not the driver, random mutation is. Go on Panda’s Thumb. Look up the arguments, there are too many discussions and arguments to link to. But the heart of the modern theory of evolution (an evolution of a theory that still hasn’t found its own evidence) is simply random mutation producing change over a very long period of time with a miniscule aid called natural selection (which is really isn’t much of an aid when it comes to increased complexity).

In fact, just forget about natural selection when you deal with evolution. Natural selection comes in handy with change but not with forming new species. You need a whole lot of mutation for that to happen. Mutation that we have yet to really see produce new genetic code.

Maybe calling it the dumbest idea ever is a bit extreme, but it’s pretty close…

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