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Ghosts in Arizona Tragedy (by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, GetReligion.org)

I have to note how weird it was to keep hearing the broadcasters say “There is no indication this is a terrorist attack.” Really? When you attempt to kill a politician and take out dozens of innocent bystanders, that’s not a terrorist attack? It seems to me that what the journalists meant was “There is no indication that this man is motivated by Muslim extremism.” It’s a good reminder of why it’s important to not use “terrorist” as a euphemism or otherwise confuse the issues or downplay when religion plays a role in a given terror attack.

39 Percent Of NYC Pregnancies Result In Abortion (from CBS New York)

In 2009, there were 225,667 pregnancies in the City with 126,774 resulting in live births and 87,273 resulting in abortions. In addition to those abortion numbers, there were 11,620 spontaneous terminations.

Sheep: “This time it’s personal” (by David Murray)

Have you ever tried to move a sheep? It’s like trying to move an elephant. Ever watched a shepherd try to maneuver a sheep into a fold or a dip-tank. It’s like trying to wrestle with a devil. Half a dozen sheep invaded my garden once. I thought it would be easy to hustle them out the wide gate again. But it was as if an electric shield (visible only to sheep) stretched across the gap. I could get them to go anywhere and everywhere, but through that gate.

5 New Paradigms for a Socially Engaged Company (by Soren Gordhamer, Mashable)

Companies are realizing that it is not enough to get people to show up to work; the real challenge is creating cultures that enhance creativity and innovation. Below you’ll find what leaders in the field had to say about this new age of innovation and engagement.

The Liking-Wanting Distinction and Self-Esteem Addiction (from the Mockingbird blog)

As it’s wisely been pointed out, the self-esteem movement is a losing game, regardless of how it’s played – human need is a bottomless pit. To paraphrase Gerhard Forde, who was paraphrasing Martin Luther, the thirst for glory needs to be extinguished rather than sated.

How Do You Read a Book? (by Ray Pennoyer)

No matter how young you are, or how long you live, if you love books you will never be able to get to the bottom of your “want to read” list. To top it off I am a relatively slow reader, which is an additional handicap for me. However, when I get discouraged I remember the advice I received in one of my seminary classes – it may go back to one of the Reformers or possibly Erasmus. He said that true learning comes not from the quantity of books, but in “knowing a few great books well.”

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