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This week: a good summary of the disaster in Japan from one of my pastors, talking to your kids about sex, and a unique Palin critique from Doug Wilson.

The Japanese Tsunami – Summary of Video, News, Opinion, Biblical Responses & Charitable Opportunities (by Mitch Majeski)

It all happened while we watched and gasped. Never before has the world been exposed to such vivid and comprehensive footage of a disaster of this magnitude.  The Japanese Tsunami is unique among all natural catastrophes in its power and exposure to the world. The images have been riveting but it is critical for us to remember they are indeed real. Real people were consumed. Real people were scrambling from those horrifying waters.

How to Talk Your to Your Kids About Sex (by Mark & Grace Driscoll)

The “sex talk” is not a one-off conversation. Regular dialog about sexuality should begin when children are young and last until they’re married for the sake of loving, biblical guidance. The fact is parents are not always able to shelter their kids from every single outside influence.

A Palin Critique (by Doug Wilson)

This is the one regnant corruption that a Palin presidency would likely make worse, and it is not a trivial point. She has a strong constitutionalist streak (GR. 143), and another libertarian streak, which, when combined with her feminism, could easily lead to a toxic mix on issues like women in combat, women being susceptible to the draft, DADT in the military, homosexual civil unions, and so on.

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This week: parenting thoughts from Doug Wilson, thoughts on living in a post-feminist world, the sexualization of our kids (big props to TV and public schools!), and the desperate need for actual discipleship from Matt Perman.

Parenting Young People I and Parenting Young People II (by Douglas Wilson)

The hallmark of whether or not a father is experimenting on his kids, as opposed to bringing them up in obedience, is how open he is to the idea of someone else actually measuring what he is doing. How open is he to true accountability?

The Church in a Post-Feminist World: An Interview with Mary Kassian (by Paula Hendricks)

Feminism, as a cultural movement, is over. This is not to say that feminism has ended. On the contrary. The only reason the feminist movement is over is that it has been so wildly successful. Feminism has transitioned from being a movement to being the prevailing mindset of the masses.

The Sexualisation of Britain’s Youth (by Robin Phillips, Telegraph)

In treating sexuality as common, we end up neutralizing its potency, turning it into something tame, benign and trivial. But in doing that, we put our children at risk. When Camille Paglia argued that if rape is a totally devastating psychological experience for a woman, then she doesn’t have a proper attitude about sex (because rape is just like getting beaten up and “Men get beat up all the time”), she was merely following the itinerary of desensitization to its final destination.

The Cape Town Commitment on the Need for Developing Godly Leaders (by Matt Perman)

Arguably the scale of un-Christlike and worldly leadership in the global Church today is glaring evidence of generations of reductionist evangelism, neglected discipling and shallow growth. The answer to leadership failure is not just more leadership training but better discipleship training. Leaders must first be disciples of Christ himself.

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