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This week: a one minute review of “The Adjustment Bureau” from Thomas McKenzie, why the gospel is good news now, Muammar Gadhafi, types of actions, and contraconditional love.

Why the Gospel Is Good News for Believers . . . Now (by Jared Compton)

If new life has been given to us, to Christians, we should expect to see evidence of this new life every day. Instead of this fact turning us inward in introspection (there is, of course, a place for this), let it also make usexpect to see evidences of new life, evidences of grace, in others’ lives every day. One of the best, most faith-building, joy-producing things we can do for our brothers and sisters in Christ is to point out God’s work in their lives. Infuse courage into the soul of your spouse, your pastors, your small group by drawing attention to what you see God doing in their lives.

Me and Muammar: What We have in Common (by Carl Trueman)

And as we shudder at the sight of this lunatic rambling on our television screens, it is worth remembering that Gadhafi is only an extreme example of that which dwells in each of us.  The desire to be in control, to make a mark, to make ourselves indispensable: these are all drives that are universal within fallen humanity.  Our worlds may be smaller, the damage we do somewhat more modest, but our ambitions are in their own ways just as absurd as his.

Good-Good, Bad-Good, Bad-Bad, and Good-Bad Actions (by Justin Taylor)

The more difficult one to understand is the one we call good-bad. When certain actions take place, they are simply evil; nevertheless, under the providence of God, under his sovereignty over human events, he has the power to bring good out of them, which is a glorious thing we can experience as Christians.

Why God’s Love Is Better Than “Unconditional” (by Justin Taylor)

This love is much, much, much better than unconditional! Perhaps we could call it “contraconditional” love.

Contrary to the conditions for knowing God’s blessing, He has blessed me because His Son fulfilled the conditions.

Contrary to my due, He loves me.

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